Tips and tricks for more sales

With just a few small adjustments, you can increase your sales and improve your customer relationships.
You can find out how this works here:

1. Design an appealing profile

The more information you offer your customers and prospects, the more likely you are to sell your items.

Upload appealing images to your profile. You don’t have to show your face, but your body should be clearly visible. This way the buyer can get an impression of you.

Fill your profile text with some personal information about you, such as your hobbies, clothing size and what made you become part of the Dirty Desire family.

Describe your offered additional options. How many pictures do you offer under the addition of „wearing pictures“? How long is a wearing video?

By providing this information, you help buyers understand exactly what to expect when they purchase your items.

2. Get verified

By letting Dirty Desire verify you as a seller, you create trust.. The seriousness of your activity as a salesperson becomes clear. In addition, verification, as part of the Premium Profile, will ensure that your activity is displayed on Dirty Desire and you also benefit from the direct communication that is possible. with your buyers. Discuss special wishes of your customers here.

Learn more about the Premium Profile here.

3. Make yourself unique and trustworthy

Once you have received an order, it is not only about processing it, but also about turning your customersinto regular customers.

In the first step, make sure that you send it anonymously. Enter the address of Dirty Desire as the sender. You will also find information about this in your order confirmation, which you will receive by mail.

Also, you should pack your item with care. The most important is vacuuming so that the entire fragrance experience arrives.

You round off your package with a personal handwritten message.

4. Stay tuned

If you regularly fill your store with new items, experience shows that you will have more buyers. Of course, you can specialize in one type of item, like underwear or socks. However, there is nothing against offering items from all categories.

If you don’t receive an order for a while, don’t hang your head. This is completely normal. Experience shows that this can usually be due to external influences such as seasons, holidays or economic reasons.

As long as you follow the tips mentioned, you will soon receive another order.

If you have any questions or suggestions, we look forward to hearing from you at

Much joy and success!

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