About us

What drives us

We believe that no person should justify his inclinations and interests, as long as everything remains within the framework and no one suffers.

We want nothing less than to provide you with a platform where, with level and respect, everyone can best find their interests.

Wearing briefs, socks, shoes, etc. and selling them – or in return buying and using these unique and individual pieces.

Amazing plussize plump young woman in sexy lingerie. Body Positi

Dirty Desire was founded in 2023 to de-taboo the buying and selling of private fetish items.

We want to create international awareness of different preferences without condemnation.

Since our founding, we have been constantly working to provide the best marketplace for customers and suppliers. The focus is also on the consideration of all gender identities.

Young Hispanic and transgender adult girl in her underwear, holding a gay pride flag outdoors. Concept of transsexuality, inclusion and diversity.
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